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Highly efficient proof-of-stake consensus algorithm

EcoPay Coin is a crypto-currency based on highly efficient proof-of-stake consensus algorithm
that solves many existing blockchain problems such as sustainability, scalability and energy efficiency.

Bitcoin network consumption can reach to 7.67 gigawatts

The latest study suggests that the entire Bitcoin network consumption can reach to 7.67 gigawatts in by the end of the 2018 year.
This energy consumption is large enough to power a country the size of Austria.

EcoPay Blockchain

EcoPay Blockchain aims to eliminate number of critical issues
that proof-of work based blockchains facing now in a term of sustainability and environmental issues.

24,000 - 40,000 kg of CO2 per hour

We have an even bigger problem and that is carbon emissions.
Some estimates by diving into data made available on a coal-powered Bitcoin mine .
Concluded that this single mine is responsible for 8,000 to 13,000 kg CO2 emissions per Bitcoin it mines, and 24,000 - 40,000 kg of CO2 per hour.

"An ecological meltdown will cause economic ruin, political turmoil, a fall in human standards of living, and it might threaten the very existence of human civilization."

Yuval Noah Harari
"Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow"

Why EcoPay platform ?

As blockchain technology continues to evolve, achieving decentralized distributed consensus in an immutable way will remain a primary goal of new projects. These projects seek to effectively establish a record that is agreed upon by everyone. Third generation blockchain networks like EcoPay are employing Proof-of-Stake, an environmentally-conscious alternative to the Proof-of-Work methodology, both as a means of reducing the computing power required to effectively mine a block and as an answer to the security problems posed by Proof-of-Work.

Road Map

August 2018

Blockchain Development

September 2018

Core Project start,

October 2018

Exchange listing (Cryptopia, Coinexchange),
Ranking listing

November 2018

Android APP Development,

December 2018

iOS Development,
Marketing campaign

Q1 2019

Cooperation with the largest platforms,
EcoPay Merchant

Q2 2019

Active development,
Payment platforms integration

Premine Allocation

Coin Info & Reward Plan

Cryptocurrencies are under wide public scrutiny for placing an undue burden on the environment. Concerns that cryptocurrency — the primary application of blockchain technology — will have broad implications for environmental sustainability are undoubtedly warranted.

Total Flexibility

Manage your EcoPay Wallet through
your favorite device
EcoPayCoin ®
Comming soon to mobile device near you
EcoPay Debit Cards
EcoPay Cards will give a freedom to spend your crypto currency in millions merchants and ATM worldwide.


Albert Gorski


Anton Korablev

Blockchain specialist

Diana Levi